More than just tables

With increasing amounts of data in all sectors, it has become a challenge for data processing to present all numbers with the highest accuracy and detail and still be able to highlight the most important conclusions.

With our knowledge of data, our statistical expertise and our long standing reputation of providing appealing output we will produce your tables. Our optimal table design and stylish Excel format makes them easy to use both as a reference and working document.

We offer tables of all possible levels of sophistication, depending on your wishes, the requirements of the study and purpose of the tables. Using the most powerful tabulation software package in the market, i.e. Ruby, tables-2 provides you with limitless possibilities in how to scope your tables. We can handle your data, from small base sizes to large tracking surveys involving thousands of respondents. We strive for your data to be just as accurate as you. We guarantee extensive quality checking to ensure that you can rely on our results and that they meet your expectations.

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